Website Design

Signs that your website may need redesigning

Your website is essentially the face of your company when you cannot be everywhere at once. That being said, it should be up to date, up to par, and should be easy to access for anyone looking to find out more about your site. There are ten ways that you can tell your site may need to be redesigned and knowing where to start is the first step.


is your site responsive, can you view it in any and all devices, does it do what you want it to do no matter what type of device or platform you are using to access it? If you cannot answer yes with a definitive tone, you may need to redesign. Many web designers can fix responsiveness issues in a matter of minutes.

Is your site hard to update?

it is important that a site be updated regularly to insure that the content is fresh and in good standing with current issues and other instances. If you do not update frequently because it is hard, you are certainly in for a redesign to make it easier and more efficient to update and keep on point for your visitors.

Are all parts of your site being used?

Another thing that points to the need to remodel is features and functions that are not being used on a regular basis. Having too many functions and features that are not in use can clutter your page and make it hard for users to access. You should take the time to see what is being used and to eliminate what is not being used.

Loading time

Time is money and most users want instant or near instant gratification. This means that they do not want to sit around for five minutes to wait for your site to load. You should have the shortest possible loading time and if your site is not up to par, you should change it.

Do visitors stop on the home page?

If visitors get all that they need on the home page they really have no need to go deeper into your site which is what you want. You should use some sort of analytics software to see just how much of your site is being used and work to increase the number of people that delve deeper.

Does your site lose visitors over time?

If your site is losing visitors you need to do all that you can to help increase traffic and keep visitors coming back. Try to change things up to get more visitors.

How long ago was your site revamped?

If the answer is anything longer than three years, it is time for a change. You should work to revamp your site every three years or so to keep things fresh and up to date.

Is your entire site working?

If you have any part of your site that is not working properly you should get it taken care of immediately. It is crucial that your site work all the way around and any part that does not work just holds you back.

Search engine rankings

These are important, if you do not show up on the first or second page, you should probably rework your site to increase your ranking and get up there on the list. Your copyright date- if your copyright date is anything other than the year that you are currently in, it means you have not updated your site in far too long. Make sure you are updating frequently to give your visitors the freshest and most up to date content that you possibly can.