Website Design

How Redesigning Your Website Can Improve Your Business

Whether you’re marketing to increase sales or to promote a service or idea, your website is likely the first thing new users will see. That first impression goes a long way to encouraging people to stay and give your business their time to browse. As such, keeping your site up-to-date with what consumers want to see can define your reputation. There are many other reasons why upgrading your design makes good sense.

Increase Your Search Engine Presence

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a huge trend for a reason. Optimized sites are more likely to appear higher on a search engine’s results page. The higher listing you are, the more likely a potential customer will click your site. While SEO is an important step to raising your search engine presence, so is having a user-friendly site. All of that work with keywords and tags can only go so far if your site design isn’t pleasing to visitors. An upgraded site that features current designs and trends like social media integration can keep those first clickers coming back for more. Better yet, they are more likely to recommend your site to others. Higher traffic means your site will continue to rise in search engine results.

Be Compatible With The Latest Tech

Every year the market is flooded with brand new tech, each with its own operating system and software. If your site is a few years old there’s a chance it will not display right on new devices. Savvy companies upgrade their sites on a regular basis to make sure every viewer will be able to see their content in the best resolution possible. Compatibility goes beyond displaying well across multiple browsers like Chrome, IE, and Safari. A truly compatible site features separate display modes for smartphones and tablets alike. Many users are moving away from traditional computers to portable devices. You want to make sure it’s you’re site they’re visiting when they decide to do a little shopping on the bus ride to work.

Increased Profit Over Time

Investing some resources into redesigning your website can have a huge pay-off down the line. People today are active browsers and buyers. This means they are more likely to search for the things they need, rather than clicking advertisements. When your website is fully optimized, people will come to your site on their own, ultimately meaning you can cut your advertising costs. Furthermore, a site that is kept up-to-date is easier to upgrade later on. Instead of going through the hassle of converting your years-old data into a brand new format, it will be easy to keep up because the information is still relatively fresh. So long as you keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the web, the web will continue to support you and your business for years to come.