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Update Your Webpage With These 6 Tips

SEO, or “search engine optimization”, is the key to getting your site at the top of the world’s leading search engines. For many new business owners, SEO is sometimes a confusing process. We’ve assembled this handy guide to get you on board with SEO as a marketing strategy.

Increased Traffic to Your Website

This is usually the reason most people turn to SEO in the first place. You have a website and you want people to visit your site when they are looking for the kind of service you provide. By utilizing key words and phrases that people search for when looking for that service, your site is more likely to appear near the top of a search results page. Getting that “top spot” is important because…

60% of Clicks Go to the First Result

That is a huge leading margin! With most searches returning millions of results, that means 40% of remaining clicks are split somewhere between the second and very last result. If you rely on your site to make a profit, you need SEO to get those precious clicks.

Brand Awareness

It’s not hard to imagine that the top sites on search engines leave a lot of lasting impressions. When users see your site consistently listed under certain keywords, they begin to associate your site with that keyword. Furthermore, top sites are generally seen as more trustworthy.

Reputation Management

Being at the top means you are seen as a trustworthy provider of high quality content. Whether you are marketing to achieve sales, or to promote an idea or service, users tend to view the top result as the most worthy source for what they need.

Better Conversion Rates

That good reputation goes a long way to making sales on your site. In fact, users who actively search for an item are more likely to buy from your site than those who happen by it through other means such as banner ads.

Long-term Impact

Effective optimization can have lasting results long after your active campaigning ends. Once your site begins to gather traffic through successful keywords, it will continue to climb through search engine ranks. In turn, your reputation will increase. This means your site could stay at the top for many years after successful optimization.


As you can see, SEO is one of the best ways to market your business in an increasingly net-dependent world. Hiring a SEO agency is an efficient way to keep track. This way you will be able to see which strategies are working the best, and which ones may need tweaking to assure the best results. SEO agencies work with site owners to perfect their search engine presence, something that is quite difficult to manage on one’s own.

Quantifiable Results

Even if you can’t hire an SEO agency, the effectiveness of your optimization can be easily tracked through tools like Google analytics. These tools give users a good idea of how well their keywords are helping to promote their site. If you are comfortable handling SEO on your own, this can be a pretty cost-effective marketing method.

Cost Effectiveness

As mentioned before, SEO can save businesses a lot of money for a small investment. SEO marketing is an inbound strategy, meaning customers come to the site to satisfy a specific need. This often means they will make a purchase. This is a cheaper, more successful campaign than outbound methods like cold calling or banner ads, which typically costs more and does not generate as many clicks or conversions.


As more businesses recognize the success of optimization, they too begin to take advantage of it. If your competitors make use of it first, they are more likely to appear in search engine results before you. If you are considering SEO, it’s best to start working on it right away, before someone else beats you to the best spots.