Online Marketing

Online Marketing Strategy is the Roadmap to Conversion

Everyone who comes to your website will buy. This is the fantasy that business owners have but it is much more difficult in reality to convert prospects into customers. Doing research prior to, during and after a campaign helps to qualify potential leads and increase conversion rates. This research should help shape your online marketing strategy and will help to build trust and reputation with customers and organically raise your rankings in search engines.

Keyword Research

Keywords are words used to look for services and products in a particular search engine. Keywords phrases that are used in website content need to balance between two areas in order to increase rankings and to make it easier for leads to locate a website. Keywords should be high in traffic but also not overly competitive with phrases on similar sites. Differentiating slightly from the pack will help to raise a profile faster. One platform to explore is for the research of desired keywords and for utilizing webmaster tools.

Free Value Added Content/Giveaways

Value added content and giveaways are a way to engage prospects and build relationships. A side effect is that the trust built with leads will lead to a purchase or other desired outcome. Quality content is a way to build a reputation in the field. It demonstrates to others that the knowledge that is displayed is exactly what they need. Value added content does this 24/7 and can be leveraged to get personal details like emails in return. DVDs, ebooks and other informative resources help prospects get more involved in a product or service and can build motivation for purchase. Once the content and giveaways are created they can be reused and implemented in a myriad of ways. Try to create Evergreen content that will always be useful and informative.

Use of Video

Video is the item to incorporate within your platform and social media outreach. Similar to quality content, it operates around the clock. Prospects can put a face to a company and build a connection prior to purchase. Videos can used on a number of social media platforms and also can be culled together for use as packaged giveaways for leads. Videos are easy to view, can be reused and are wonderful ways to qualify those leads. By the time the lead contacts for purchase they are motivated to buy and all preliminary questions have already been addressed. This reduces the time spent with each prospect, qualifies those leads and yet also helps them build a relationship with your company prior to personal interaction via phone or email.

Online Marketing Strategy Maintenance

Keywords, complimentary quality content and video must be a reevaluated on a periodic basis. At the minimum of once a month, businesses should review the analytics of their keywords and the most popular content. Videos will need to be revisited as well to ensure that content stays relevant to the industry, product or services offered and the interests of leads. This maintenance will assist in creating new content and driving engagement. Time and effort will go into prospect correspondence on set social media outlets as well as on the website. Regular communications will help address customers, build a social media presence, foster trust and funnel qualified leads to your door.