Content Marketing

Top 10 Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a truly beneficial method of marketing and knowing what it is that makes it so beneficial is one way to determine if it is right for you or not. There are ten distinct benefits of content marketing to consider when looking at content marketing from any angle.

1. Built on Trust and Relationship

You have been building your business for a very long time and trust and relationship with your customers is one element that is part of your business through every stage. That being said, the fact that you are already geared toward trust and relationships makes content marketing a short leap.

2. Stop Renting Your Audience

With traditional marketing it becomes necessary for those marketing to return to big name companies again and again to get the audience that they need to succeed. With effective content marketing you can gain your audience and keep them by attracting them to your own content platform.

3. You Own Your Content

You no longer have to use the content that is already out there. With effective content marketing you own the content so you can tailor it to your needs, go back and change it, use it time and again, or start from scratch. Best of all, no one can change it but you.

4. Marketing is Now An Asset not A Drain

With traditional marketing you have to come up with new ads every week or so and it can truly become a real drain on the budget. With content marketing, you can actually gain customers and start tailoring it to your business and to your audience.

5. Marketing for Customers

You can make sure that now you are no longer creating content with the hope of ferreting out new customers, with this model you can be sure that you are gaining an appreciative audience that is going to stay with you for years to come.

6. Connection Economy

People like to feel that they are a part of something. With this type of marketing you can connect with the people that are driving your company making for a much more personal experience overall.

7. Long Term Investment

Though traditional marketing does get you fast results in many cases, content marketing is a far better long term investment. Content marketing has a much less cost per lead with a decrease in cost of up to 80% after five months. This means that your costs will not rise and that they will stay low even though they are gaining you customers.

8. Becoming the Norm

This is becoming the most normal and effective marketing strategy. Though this was once a stand alone practice that most people did not go for, it is quickly becoming the most effective and the most normal way of advertising making it a great option for just about any company that wants to get into the advertising game.

9. Perfect Answer for the No Sale

Though you may get a hard no from investors or from potential customers, with content marketing you can get them to reconsider their position. You have the ability to direct them to what you are selling rather than depending on flashy advertisement that initially led them to say no.

10. Feedback Loop

This is a strategy that gives you feedback and really lets you see how your marketing is working for you. Rather than throwing an add out there and hoping that you can collect some sort of information from it, you can now be sure that customers are going to talk about your content and tell you what they think making this a very effective method of marketing.