Pay Per Click

Ten Common Mistakes In Google AdWord

Google AdWords is an excellent platform for spreading buzz about your product or service. However, many don't get the results being unaware of how powerful their advertising methods can be with their patform. Here's a brief list of things to consider in regards to using AdWords... ensuring that every penny is well spent.

Not Using Correct Keywords

Not using the correct keywords when describing the product or service ruins your chances for any possible returns. The AdWords program is set up in classes of how relevant your search may be to potential clients. These searches are categorized as:

  • Broad Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match

These matches help narrow down the field and help a potential client find you.

Incorrectly Grouping Keywords

Incorrectly grouping keywords can backfire... which can easily be avoided by properly grouping your keywords. AdWords allows you to group your advertising campaign into two groups, being product campaign and content campaign. These campaign options allow you to properly manage which words are used to market each campaign.

Not Excluding Negative Keywording

Using broad keywords won't bring in the traffic you're looking for. For instance, let's say you sell bowling shoes, but bowling balls or bowling pins show up in your searches. This does nothing for your product as it's plugging unrelated items in searches for your product. Adding up your negatives for search results can help you not only save money, but refine how you market your product in the future.

Not Utilizing Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are essential ways of owning more real estate in search engines. Meaning that the way to perform this effectively is to get involved in Sitelink Extensions, as these can begin and end on schedules of your choice.

Forgetting To Split & Test Ad Copy

One thing people often miss is testing your ad copy with relevant searches. For every different character, symbol, or punctuation, a different batch of related searches can pop up. Testing your ad such as making it a question in the URL can help you fine tune the results that appear with your advertisement.

Brand Confidence

Not supporting your own product can easily make your AdWord experience seem non-existent or useless. Growing a backbone and supporting your product or service will show in numbers on site and in web traffic.

Pursuing Optimal Ad Position Without Testing

Pursuing optimal ad positioning without testing beforehand can make a campaign look sloppy and rushed. Aim your campaign for the top two ad positions, as being in this bracket ensures safe and fulfilling results. Being in the top three is okay, but anything below has a lower possibility of being clicked on for investigation.

Not Understanding LTV

LTV is the lifetime value of the customers visiting your service, which is essentially how much you spend in advertising per customer. A great example is using $10 per LTV, meaning that you'll earn $10 in the lifetime of doing business with customers when marketing with AdWords. If your LTV is $4 and you're spending $6 per acquisition, you'll likely go out of business in the near future.

Blind To Competitors

Remaining blind to your competitors is a sure fire way to sink instead of swim. Watching how your competitors advertise and how you compare your own business in terms of a client finding out what service seems more appealing. Make adjustments (don't copy) so that your service stands out among your competitors. Watching what words they use for searching also helps you discover what terms help them stay at the top and relevant in search engines.